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The Studio

As the premier concept photography studio in Singapore, our style has been simple yet – creating classic photos that will tug at your heartstrings. We are always trying to create images that does not define a certain time or fashion of that era, yet when looking back years later can be appreciated in the same manner.

The Award

Studioplay was awarded best photography studio by Mediacorp’s Mother&Baby magazine.

But more than a recognition of effort, we dedicate this to the many “little ones” that are truly a joy to have in our studio over the years.

Baby StudioPlay 9

The Service

At StudioPlay, we believe your child deserves the undivided attention and quality for their very first studio session. We understand babies do need a break for feeding and sometimes even a short nap to perk them up!

That is why our basic sessions are two hours so you and your baby can enjoy and relax at our cozy studio and not be hurried for that priceless smile.

The Props and Themes

That is just our speciality and what we love to do.

Beyond basic backdrops, we custom make most of our props and backdrops to create that unique theme that suits your little one perfectly.

Baby StudioPlay 17

The Images & Prints

Each of StudioPlay’s images are beautifully enhanced before your viewing. That is why between your photography and viewing session there is generally a waiting time of 1 – 2 weeks. That is to allow our graphic designer to work on your images first.

Beyond that, your favourite images will be further enhanced to ensure your babies and you look perfect. On top of that, every photo at StudioPlay is protected with handmade lamination that will ensure your picture will last in the many years to come.

The Stars

Presenting to you, our very own StudioPlay stars! From the straits times to calendars and not not mention countless magazines, our little customers have been stealing the limelight.

Do let us know if you spot your baby in the press, we want to share your joy!