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Ten Things About StudioPlay.
Just not from us.

We were just having fun, doing what we enjoy most and little did we realise that over the years there are a few trademark characteristics that come to define us from our customer’s reviews. So here we are. The top ten things that our customers say about us.

1. Professional

What started as a passion done over many years.

2. Great Experience

All that was done and is continuing to happen is so we can all have a great experience together.

3. Patience

We don’t rush. Actually, we don’t like to be rushed ourselves.

4. Fun & Play

It’s really in our nature. It is no secret why we called ourselves Studio “Play”!

5. Smiles & Laughters

That is always in abundant in our studio.

6. Beautiful Images

We were doing what we enjoy and what we love and our customer love it too!
That the best combo.

7. Studio & Concepts

We put much effort in making sure that the studio is kept clean and kudos to our creative props guy.

8. Customer Service

The baby photography industry is one known as no stress and fun. I guess it does help to have a wonderful working environment.

9. Baby Whisperer

After all the interactions with countless nannies i guess we did pick up a trick or two.

10. Lasting Relationships

The true testament to our service is really when our customers keep coming back to us again and again.

Long time ago.
There was something known as
“Thank You Cards”.

We used to leave stacks of coloured design papers with markets around our studios for customers to leave their feed backs in they have any. Over the years, we realise that it became a source of motivation and encouragement for us.
Thank you all.