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Corporate Photography

Put it simply, we are here to advance your corporate career.

With years of experience crafting from senior management’s corporate individual and team photos to resume photos for first time job seekers, we understand the different stages and needs each individual is at and thus providing you with the most suitable image either for securing that perfect job or building that corporate branding image for yourself and your team.

3 Steps To Perfect Corporate Photography

The first step is listening. We need to understand why and how you are going to use this. This is usually done with some questions from our side. Typical questions will be:

“Which industry are you in?”

“What is your current position and the one that you are going for?”

“What is the corporate image that you would like to portrait?”

“What type of emotions evoke when someone looks at your image?”

“Would you need a more friendly look or would you require a more corporate powerhouse image?”

“Is this for a company chart photo and what are the corporate branding colours?”​

Many times clients do come with a wrong expectation on what their desired result should be. Common requests include dual use “passport” style white backdrop straight face photos for both official documents and corporate images alike; over utilising corporate suits when they are not suitable for many industries. Take for example, in the tech industries, many top managements have plain T-shirts as their dress code.

This is really where we come in to share our expertise. There is so much science to it and so many components to crafting a good corporate photo: choice of outfit, backdrop colours, lighting style, pose, expressions. Every element plays a significant role in crafting the desired outcome.

This is often the most difficult part for most clients even if they are from the instagram generation. In fact, many people may be comfortable taking selfies, once in a professional studio with lighting setups they do get tense with everything around them. Our answer is tri fold –Time, small chats and practise.

  • Time – We understand that you are not professional models who are accustomed to photoshoots. We give you the time you need to ease in.
  • Small Talks – It helps to not rush into the shoot but have interactions with your photographers. This helps in bringing out the perfect expression that you need in the actual shoot.
  • Practise – Test your smile, practise different smiles, pose and expressions. Our experience with magazine shoots tells us that of the hundred of photos, only one needs to get it right and that is enough.

Post Productions Services

Now that the studio session is done, the post production is an essential step to up the game.

Corporate Photography Pricing

How do we charge for our services?

Each of the following services will come with a 15 to 30 mins studio photography session with one selected image.

Instant photo review, editing services, digital copy of the selected image and a 4r print out. More time will be allocated to bigger groups or individuals who requires more images.

Passport Photo – $50 per session.

Corporate Image – $65 per session

Corporate Team/ Group Photo – Call for Quote

FAQ about StudioPlay Corporate Photography

Read here to find answers to your questions.

If you are unsure we recommend that you give us a call or drop us a whatsapp so that our customer service direct you in the right direction and offer our professional consultation.
We have worked with various reputable companies across different industries namely Law, Medical, Education, Insurance, Real Estate and many more. Apart from our usual sessions in the studio, we do on location corporate photography for various organisations on an annual basis as well.
Confidence and professionalism that an individual exudes is more important in the eyes of potential employers or any marketing agency. We can with technology help to shape you up if you require.
Drop us a whatsapp message or contact us via our online form and we will be happy to answer it.

Corporate Photography Categories

Select what is suitable for you and your team.

Corporate Image Photography

Suitable for websites and publications that demand for more detail feature on individual.

Corporate Head Shots

Essential for job interviews applications, company database, company name card, profile photo for publications.

Corporate Group Photography

Essential for job interviews applications, company database, company name card, profile photo for publications.

Passport Photography

For identification card (IC), drivers licenses and other official and governmental related applications.